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The highly diversified activities of the Labour Department ,West Bengal are carried out by the different directorates of the Department viz.(i) the Directorate of Labour (ii) the Directorate of Shops & Establishments (iii) the Directorate of Employment (iv) the Directorate of Factories (v) the Directorate of Boilers etc. Besides these, the Employee's State Insurance (Medical Benefit) Scheme, West Bengal, the Workmen's Compensation Act,1923 and the State Labour Institute are also administered under the aegis of the Labour Department.

The Labour Directorate is chiefly concerned with the administration of the enactments as mentioned below in brief under Industrial Relations Branch, Social Security Branch and Labour Welfare Branch .The functions of the Labour Directorate also include promotion of harmonious industrial relations and implementation of various social security schemes such as State Assisted Scheme of Provident Fund for Unorganised Workers in West Bengal (SASPFUW),West Bengal Beedi Workers' Welfare Scheme, Financial Assistance to the Workers in Locked -out Industrial Units(FAWLOI) and the beneficial schemes for the welfare of the building and other construction workers.

In addition to the West Bengal Labour Welfare Board which has been functioning effectively since its inception, two other Boards - The West Bengal Building and Other Construction Workers' Welfare Board and The West Bengal Unorganised Sector Workers' Welfare Board- have also been constituted in 2006 and 2008 respectively for the purpose of administering the benefits under the schemes introduced by the state government and the board.

Some Success under IR,MW & Social Security Schemes General checklist for registration renewal amendment and grant oflicense under different labour laws administered by labour commissionerate. General Inspection note under West Bengal Shops & Establishments Act,1963
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