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The Department of Correctional Administration looks after the functioning of Correctional Homes. Correctional Homes were earlier known as Jails. After the introduction of West Bengal Correctional Services 1992 (effective from the year 2000) the entire perspective of departmental activities has been reoriented. The purpose and the objectives of the department are to reform the inmates of such Correctional Homes rather than only punishment through incarceration. All the activities of the department are oriented towards achieving this objective of returning these inmates to the society as reformed, responsible and economically enabled members.

The Department of Correctional Administration functions through a two –tier structure –
  • Secretariat
  • Directorate (Directorate of Correctional Services)

At present there are 59 Correctional Homes which include 7 Central Correctional Homes, 03 Open Correctional Homes, 05 Special Correctional Homes , 01 Women Correctional Home, 12 District Correctional Homes, and 31 Sub Correctional Homes in West Bengal."


Sri Arup Roy

Address: New Secretariat Building,
Block-C, 3rd Floor 1 K.S Roy Road,
Phone: 2214-4001
Fax: 2214-3441

Principal Secretary

Dr M V Rao, IAS

Address: New Secretariat Building,
Block-C, 4th Floor 1 K.S Roy Road,
Phone: 2214- 3488,4283(Extn)
Fax: 2214-3776

Nodal Officer

Address: New Secretariat Building,
lock-C, 3rd floor, 1 K.S Roy Road,
Kolkata- 700001
Phone: 2252-0716
Fax: 2252-0912
Last updated on: Wednesday, 1st May 2019
Information Source: Nodal Officer, Department of Correctional Administration, Government of West Bengal
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