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The School Education Department is responsible for implementation of West Bengal government's vision and mission in primary, secondary and higher secondary education. The department as the nodal body has nine distinct entities which look after various aspects of school education for the state. Some of the entities have specific tasks like conducting examination, text book/curriculum preparation (boards and councils), inspection (inspectorate), recruitment of teachers/staff (service commission), execution of projects and schemes (project office), preparation of teaching/training/research material (state council of education and research). All the entities also have the regular budgeting, auditing, recognition/affiliation/up-gradation of schools, legal affairs and other employee related HR activities.


Dr. Partha Chatterjee

Address: Bikash Bhavan, 5th Floor,
Salt Lake, Kolkata -700091
Phone: 2334-2256
Fax: 2337-6783


Sri Dushyant Nariala,IAS

Address: Bikash Bhavan, 6th Floor,
Salt Lake, Kolkata 700 091
Phone: 2334-2228
Fax: 2337-6561

Nodal Officer

Sri Samir Bhattacharya, Joint Secretary

Address: Bikash Bhavan,
Salt Lake, Kolkata-700091
Phone: 23342228
Fax: 2337 0263
Last updated on: Wednesday, 1st May 2019
Information Source: Nodal Officer, Department of School Education, Government of West Bengal
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