Agricultural Marketing

 Improvement of marketing systems for both farm produce and inputs necessitates a strong back up by appropriate policy and legislative frameworks and effective government support services. Such services can include provision of market infrastructure, supply of market information, and agricultural extension services that are able to advise farmers on marketing. Remunerative prices of agricultural produce and productivity are always interlinked. Training in marketing at all levels is the need of the day; from farmers' groups to fresh students seeking marketing of agricultural produce as profession. West Bengal since seventies of the last century has emerged as leader in agricultural production due to land reforms, revolution in agricultural techniques, intensive research and intervention by Government agencies. Agricultural Marketing is a process which starts with a decision to produce a saleable farm product and involves all aspects of market structure or system, both functional and institutional, based on technical and economic consideration. Agricultural marketing being a State subject, the West Bengal Government regulates the marketing practice of the agricultural produce by small and marginal farmers framing a comprehensive act as known as' The West Bengal Agricultural Produce Marketing (Regulation) Act, 1972'. The Government of West Bengal with a view to focus the attention on marketing of agricultural produce set up a separate department as Agricultural Marketing Department to deal exclusively with all such matters. The West Bengal State Marketing Board- the statutory body constituted under the Act and Directorate of Agriculture Marketing is primarily responsible for implementation of the Act with a view to regulate the trade of agricultural produce and create required market infrastructure development. 


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Information Source: Nodal Officer, Department of Agriculture Marketing, Government of West Bengal