Disaster Management and Civil Defence 


Disaster Management 



Disaster related thoughts have undergone a thorough change all over the world. Meanwhile there has been a paradigm shift from the relief centric approach to a comprehensive disaster management approach. The central government has promulgated the "Disaster Management Act, 2005" and keeping with the change the department was rechristened as the Department of Disaster Management in 2006.The aim of the West Bengal State Disaster Management Department is to establish necessary systems, structures, programs, resources, capabilities and guiding principles for reducing disaster risks and preparing for and responding to disasters and threats of disasters in the State of West Bengal in order to save lives and property, avoid disruption of economic activity and damage to the environment and to ensure the continuity and sustainability of development.

For further details please visit : http://wbdmd.gov.in/


Civil Defence 


"Civil Defence" connotes the performance of humanitarian tasks intended to protect the civil population against the dangers and to help recover from the immediate effects of hostility or natural disasters and also to provide the conditions necessary for its survival. Civil Defence does have the International set-up. It is reckoned as a humanitarian work.

In India it functions under the Civil Defence Act (Central Act-27) of 1968 and Rules and Regulations framed there under. The basic objective of this organization is to : (i) save life (ii) minimize damage to property (iii) maintain continuity of production, and (iv) boost the morale of the people high during hostile attack. It is organized as an integral part of the defence of the country. It is basically a voluntary organization. Planning, guidance, training and provision of equipment are being provided by the Government while citizens are subject to provide manpower, leadership and enthusiasm.


For further details please visit:http://wbdmd.gov.in/Pages/Civil_Defence.aspx


Contact Personnel of Right to Information Act. 2005

Department1 Department2 Department3
Minister-in-Charge MiC
Janab Javed Ahmed Khan Department
Address: Nabanna, HRBC Building,2nd Floor, 325 Sarat Chatterjee Road, Mandirtala ,Shibpur,Howrah -711102
Phone: 2214 - 4052 
Fax: 2214-4051 
Email: micfes.dm.cd@gmail.com
Principal Secretary PS
Sri Dushyant Nariala,I.A.S Department
Address: Nabanna, 2nd Floor, 325 Sarat Chatterjee Road,Mandirtala,Shibpur, Howrah -711102
Phone: 2214-3674
Fax: 2214 4005



Nodal Officer MiC
Sri Prasanna Kumar Mandal,Joint Secretary  Department
Address: Nabanna,2nd Floor, 325 Sarat Chatterjee Road, Howrah -711102 
Phone: 2250-1004, 2214-3526
Fax: 2214-1989
Email: prasannamondal1956 @gmail.com wbdmeoc@gmail.com


Last updated on: Fri, 03 Aug 2018
Information Source: Nodal Officer, Department of Disaster Management, Government of West Bengal