Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation


The influx of refugee from erstwhile East Pakistan is a major crisis in Indian history. The trickle started in 1946, gathered momentum and became a deluge after the partition of the country. In 1964 there was again large influx followed by a massive exodus in 1971. An estimated 58 lakhs refugees came to India by 1971, excluding those who came earlier and stayed on.The census figures of 1971 show the population of displaced persons in the state at nearly 60 lakhs as reported to the planning commission in 1974 by the Govt. of West Bengal.According to the R.R. Committee Report, the number was assessed at 80 lakhs in 1981. The District and Sub-Divisional Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Offices were set up in the past to cope with the sudden influx of refugee from erstwhile East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). With the passage of time, endeavours were made to place the District and Sub-Divisional level set ups on a firm basis.


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Minister-in-Charge MiC
Sri Abani Mohan Joardar Department
Address: Writers Buildings, Kolkata-700001
Phone: 2214-3819
Fax: 2214-1364      
Secretary PS

Smt. Sanghamitra Ghosh (I.A.S)

Address: 16A, Brabourne Road, 3rd floor Gujrati Education Society Building,Kolkata - 700001
Phone: 2235-4564
Fax: 2235-0299

Nodal Officer JS
Sri British Chandra Barman, IAS, Commissioner  
Address: 16 A Brabourne Road, 3rd Floor Kolkata-700001
Phone: 2235-1580
Fax: 2235-0299


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Information Source: Nodal Officer, Department of Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation, Government of West Bengal