Asset Publisher

Title Date
Tender notice for Tyres or Tubes. 5/10/19
Tender notice for indicative auction on condemned govt. vehicles. 4/17/19
Tender of Home and Hill Affairs Deptt 4/11/19
E-Tender for hiring of an Air-Ambulance Helicopter to be utilised for 7(seven) days in the LWE affected areas. 4/11/19
Tender notice for supply, maintenance & supply of different items for Haringhata & Central Dairy. 4/4/19
Tender notice for purchase & repairing job of M.T. section, Stationery, Computer, Miscellaneous (D. Store), Furniture articles of 1st reserve battalion, Durgapur. 4/3/19
Tender notice for two bay car shed for ADG (Operations), WB at Police Head Quarters, Kolkata. 4/2/19
Tender notice for purchase, supply and job works of Furniture, various articles and equipments, medicine etc. for use of SP office, Birbhum. 3/29/19
Tender notice for purchasing different items and equipments for Maulana Azad College. 3/28/19
Tender notice for renovation of Existing Cold Storage Plant and Shifting & installation of Walk-in-Cold Room in different districts. 3/26/19
Tender notice for extension of tender period for disposal of Waste-Material. 3/15/19
Notice for e – Auction from Urban Development and Municipal Affairs Department. 3/8/19
e- Tenders inviting notice for construction works for Agricultural Marketing Department. 3/8/19
Tender notice for Cycle Conspicuity Kit. 3/5/19
Tender notice for appointment of Internal Auditor of Roopkala Kendro. 3/5/19
Tender notice for Supply, Installation & Commissioning of various products at Central Dairy. 3/5/19
Tender notice for operation and monitoring of 13(thirteen) Air conditioning machines and 6(six) Humidity control machines. 3/5/19
Tender notice for construction of concrete road, boundary wall in different districts. 3/5/19
Tender notice for supply of tyres, tubes & flaps for govt.vehicles of CIF, WB. 2/28/19
E-Tender notice for the sale of condemned and unserviceable tyres, tubes( 105 Pcs ) of police vehicles. 2/27/19