Asset Publisher

Title Date
Tender for construction of pandal, supply of electrical equipment & P.A system etc 6/22/18
E-tender for Hall or Stage booking management system 6/22/18
Tenders invited for supply & fitting of motor spare parts and thorough repairing of Govt. Vehicle 6/20/18
Notice inviting e-Tender for Construction works 6/20/18
Notice inviting e-Quotations for establishment of Food Testing Laboratory by supplying installation and commissioning different equipments or apparatus and reagents 6/20/18
Sealed tender is invited for day to day sweeping and cleaning of the Hostel building of N.S.T.IA.M and its compound 6/20/18
Notice Inviting Quotation for for dying and cleaning of the materials 6/14/18
Sealed Quotations invited for quoting rate for AMC 6/14/18
Sealed tenders invited for purchase or supply of printing, stationery, miscellaneous, computer and furniture articles 6/12/18
Notice inviting e-Tender for procurement of items related to Telephonic Communication Network 6/12/18
Notice Inviting Expression of Interest for providing training on ‘Entrepreneurship and Marketing Chain Development through Market-led Production and Post-harvest Management 6/9/18
Corrigendum Notice for tenders 6/9/18
Notice Inviting e-Tender for designing & implementing the work related to observance of Hool Divas -2018 6/9/18
Notice inviting Tender for supply of stationery articles and other items. 6/8/18
Notice inviting e-Quotation for supply of flexible dhangola and tarpaulins 6/5/18
Sealed tender is invited for day to day sweeping and cleaning of the Hostel building of N.S.T.IA.M 6/5/18
Sealed tender is invited for supply of materials for cleaning cinematograph films 6/5/18
Notice inviting e-Tender for constructions of roads and building at different districts. 6/4/18
e-Tender Notice for procurement of the equipments of Narcotic unit. 6/4/18
Sealed tenders are invited for Supply and installation of luggage carrier to Govt. Vehicle No. WB- 23C-6279 TATA LP 712 MINI BUS 6/1/18