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A full-fledged Department of Power under Government of West Bengal came into being on 19th September, 1972. Until then, matters pertaining to power were being looked after by the Electricity Development Directorate under the Department of Commerce & Industries. The driving forces/factors behind the decision to create a separate department under the stewardship of a Minister-in-charge of cabinet rank were:

  • Urgent requirement of more power for accelerating the economic growth of the state
  • Need for long term perspective planning for generation of power and execution of power projects
  • Planning and overseeing appropriate investments in the power sector, both in the public and private domains
  • Enactment of appropriate legislation and framing of rules to facilitate the expeditious development of power in the state
  • Need for coordinating and dovetailing the activities of various power generation and distribution utilities in the state cohesively.



Sri Aroop Biswas

Address: Bidyut Unnayan Bhavan, 6th Floor,
plot 3/C,block LA, Sector III, Saltlake,
Phone: 2335-0768
Fax: 2335-5151


Janab Akhruzzaman

Address: Bidyut Unnayan Bhavan, 6th Floor,
plot 3/C,block LA, Sector III,Saltlake,
Phone: 2339-3235,2339-3236

Additional Chief Secretary

Sri S. Suresh Kumar, IAS

Address: Biddyut Unnayan Bhawan , 5th Floor, Plot 3/C,Block LA,Salt Lake,Kolkata-700098
Phone: 2335-1269
Fax: 2335-8378

Nodal Officer

Sri Utpal Biswas,Special Secretary

Address: Biddyut Unnayan Bhawan , 5th Floor, Plot 3/C, Block LA,
Salt Lake, Kolkata-700098
Phone: 2339-3683,2335-7278
Fax: 2335-8378

Last updated on: Tuesday, 23 August 2022
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