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West Bengal has an adolescent (10-19 years) population of 1.73 Crores, out of which 48.11% are girls. At this period of adolescence, child marriage and trafficking are issues of major social concern which adversely affect the education, health, nutritional status, growth and development of girls. In this context KanyashreePrakalpa is an innovative scheme of the Government of West Bengal with the power of creating an enabling environment to elevate the education, health and nutrition status of women and children throughout the State.

The scheme aims at improving the status and well being of girl child in various ways. It discourages early marriage of girls to ensure compliance with the legal provisions pertaining to the minimum age at marriage. It encourages education of girl children in Secondary and Higher Secondary classes and those undergoing vocational training or sports training through scholarships. It helps in reducing the incidence of dropouts, especially amongst girls from poor families. The project improves IMR and MMR by delaying the age of marriage and consequently increasing the median age of first birth. It eradicates under nutrition and malnutrition of girl child. It prevents trafficking and exploitation of the girl child.

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Last updated on: Monday, 2nd May, 2022
Information Source: Department of Information & Cultural Affairs(I&CA), Government of West Bengal
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